Department of veterans Affairs

GTC consultants supported one the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) largest business transformation efforts as part of the team engaged to develop the VA's Electronic Health Record (EHR).

GTC's consultants defined customer business process that provided a useful visual model that depicted the agencies business needs, identified IT touch points for the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) business processes, linked IT solutions to VHA business units and provided a starting point and context for the project team to work together and capture necessary requirements information from the business units. GTC consultants also supported customer communication and collaboration by making it possible for business owners to quickly understand and communicate requirements and by developing artifacts that allowed for the collaboration and understating of business requirements between customers, business support services and development teams. The artifacts developed by GTC's consultants accomplished this by providing clear linkages between the strategy, systems, people, processes, functions and data necessary to implement the EHR.

GTC consultants also played a significant role in the redesign of VHA processes and the design of the Business Process Reengineering Framework (BRPF) utilized on all EHR efforts to implement business process reengineering consistently, systematically and thoroughly across all EHR efforts. The BPRF developed by GTC consultants uses a five phased approach that addresses the three core domains of BPR; Organization, Process and Technology. Through structured analysis and modification of organization, process, and technology, this framework assisted the VHA in making the transformation to improved, integrated processes and a more robust EHR.

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