GTC implements energy efficient and renewable energy solutions for public and private institutions. GTC's value proposition is simple, we provide sustainable energy solutions for our customers that reduce rising energy costs, enhance sustainability efforts, enhance supplier diversity efforts, and provide energy security.

From light-emitting diode (LED), networked lighting control and security systems, solar and wind systems, to microgrids and off-grid lighting, GTC provides the industry's most innovative solution to every energy challenge.

Clean Energy with $0 Upfront Cost

Our clean energy solution is simple. We work with you to calculate your potential savings, and then install renewable and energy efficient solutions at your facility. We pay for the installation and maintenance – and you pay for the solution over time using a portion of the savings we generate for your organization. Here is how it works:

  1. Agreement requires $0 upfront capital outlay from the customer
  2. GTC pays all costs to build and maintain your clean energy solution
  3. Immediate savings on day one when the clean energy solution is turned on. We reduce your energy usage and provide energy rates lower than your existing utility rate.
  4. Reduce your carbon footprint with a visible sign of your company's commitment to sustainability.

LED Retrofitting

Renewable Energy

Outdoor Lighting

Energy Storage